Imagine you are a winemaker in France. Your days consist of crisp air, blue skies, rich soil, golden horizons, and the faint scent of acidity and sweetness being produced by the flourishing and fermenting fruit that surrounds you. It is your job as a winemaker to bring out the full expression of all these palpable and unseen aesthetics. This is the Terroir of the wine and as a photographer on the most important day of your life, it is my job to bring out ALL that contributes to the feel and physicality of the day. Whether it’s an obvious eruption of joy, a minute detail that glitters the decor, or the hidden look of emotion that you may think nobody saw to capture, I am here to artistically document it all.

-Ashley Barnes

About the Photographer

Ashley Barnes, based in New York City, has photographed weddings all around the country as well as Argentina, France, and the Dominican Republic. Her documentary and artistic style is derived from her passion for social documentation and the visual storytelling of cultures.

Ashley approaches your day with a smile, a great deal of energy, and professionalism. Share your ideas for your day and she will meet you with her vision.


“I was so thrilled when Ashley confirmed her availability for our wedding. We had been following her work for some time and knew very early she would be the right choice for our celebration. That said, she did not disappoint in any way. She was extremely flexible in meeting our needs both logistically and aesthetically. She has an incredible way of not only connecting with the immediate bridal party but with everyone from guests to wedding vendors and in so doing, she was able to work with everyone to get the best shots.

The photos turned out beautifully and I could not have asked for a more fantastic photographer to capture our day.”

"Ashley beautifully captured our day in a way that made it feel like a great friend sneaking around capturing our perfect moments, which made it so special when we sat down to relive it. She takes her profession seriously and really shows it with the outcome. I would recommend her to anyone for any type of event!"

"Ashley Barnes was the most perfect photographer for our wedding! She made everyone comfortable with her relaxed, but very professional, attitude. She was more worried than anyone else about getting the perfect shots. Her candid shots were some of the most amazing I have ever seen...her eyes see the most beautiful shots - I don't know how she does it! Her photo editing skills are amazing, as well.”

"Ashley made me feel comfortable immediately - even though I was WAY out of my comfort zone. She was professional and artistic and most of all she made the experience a lot of fun! Just got my proofs and the pictures are beautiful - so much better than I ever expected! Would highly recommend working with Ashley for any occasion!"